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    • Analyze the financial statements of potential investment targets and portfolio companies;
    • Create and develop financial models to evaluate investments;
    • Prepare financial presentation documents to potential and current investors on specific investments;
    • Periodically analyze the financial statements of portfolio companies in order to identify the risks and rewards of investing in the financial instruments in question;
    • Monitor the capital markets to identify the positioning of the evaluated company in both local and international markets;
    • Make improvements to the investment strategy in line with the company’s strategy and develop the evaluation criteria for potential projects;
    • Participate in the investment committee with other analysts and portfolio managers and prepare documents and reports related to investment activity;
    • Update relevant information on internal and external economic trends and events, as well as the latest news from the financial markets;
    • Comply with the standards of financial regulators;
    • Maintain relations with certain institutions involved in the financial markets.