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Join the network that enables carbon neutrality where you can see it.

The Zero Fund is a marketplace platform and SaaS solution that connects buyers– public or private – with their nearest carbon suppliers, providing them with simple, convenient tools to embed climate action into every customer experience. 

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A business model
for the whole community

The Zero Fund offers a full range of ready-made accelerators, connectors and building blocks bringing vertuous initiatives to private and public stakeholders.

Open-API Architecture:

Invite your clients and providers in the Net-0 journey

Carbon calculators, widgets and programs can be inserted in a single click in each customer touch point, backed by hands-on support and detailed API documentation.



Create your own carbon contribution marketplace

Public institutions, NGOs and companies can easily create full-feature branded carbon marketplaces, open to local private or public climate initiatives.



Simple and traceable

Our detailed dashboard allows real-time updates, reporting and communications on carbon offset projects and carbon credits issuance.

Act local with trusted
public climate standards

Label Bas Carbone

Accelerate your path

to a net-zero supply chain by integrating

local carbon insetting in your daily operations


With The Zero Fund’s open API, you can connect your customers, suppliers and business partners and let them instantly offset the carbon footprint of their purchases. 

Join the network
and start making a difference. 



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