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Achieve your sustainability goals with our built-in API

Comply with European and national legislation and improve your public, financial and regulatory reputation by integrating our climate action API directly into your products – enabling you and your entire supply chain ecosystem to support your community low carbon transition.


A single platform with all the tools you need to achieve your CSR goals, with zero greenwashing

& Fast

Carbon credits can be purchased and retired (marked as “used”) on the spot via the dashboard. Transactions are carried out securely in real time.


GHG emissions reduction and sequestration, calculations project status and all relevant data are available on your dashboard so you always know what you’re contributing to.


We do not purchase credits from resellers and certifiers. Each purchase directly supports local projects, ensuring that your carbon contribution goes back into your community.


All transactions are openly verifiable through blockchain registries. We avoid double accounting of credits and make sure that offsets are provable.

TZF Marketplace
Your all-in-one platform for carbon contribution

Buy on-the-spot carbon removal via our platform to realize annual planning. A variety of portfolios offer high-quality, certified carbon credits from local and regional project developers.


Choose from the widest range of carbon projects focused on local communities, filtered by price, distance or certifications. 


Monitoring and control of the transactions carried out is really easy, based on certified  information obtained almost in real time. 

Share your impact

Share your project updates on social media to show your commitment towards net zero and inspire others to take action.


Manage all your billings, sellers, projects, quantities and prices, carbon contribution certificate with state-of-the-art filtering and notification options. 

The Zero Fund API

Embed climate action at your digital point of sales and put personalized climate programs on autopilot by programmatically offsetting CO₂ emissions.

Fast and simple API integration

The Zero Fund API matches carbon emissions with high-quality carbon removals on a per-transaction basis. With one easy integration, your customers can seamlessly purchase fractional carbon credits from the climate projects your organization has chosen to support.

Attract new customers
and gain access to better loans

Customers, banks and investors are switching to brands that take concrete actions to address environmental challenges. Integrate climate contributions into your products and expose your social responsibility impact. Demonstrate your commitment to net-zero and attract new customers and investors that are willing to pay a premium for sustainably sourced products and services.