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Pau, France, 15.02.2023 – The Zero Fund, a leading climate fintech player in the carbon market, received the stamp of approval from the United Nations as a result of the COP 27 officials’ confidence to use The Zero Fund solution for compensating the estimated 70 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent during the event.

The Zero Fund was presented to public and private stakeholders during COP27, the United Nations Climate Change Convention. Through The Zero Fund platform, all participants were able to contribute to financially support local Egyptian farmers’ regenerative agriculture projects, selected with care and recognized for their work and local impact.

“When we are talking about getting to zero CO2 emissions, we want to make carbon offset clear, simple and traceable for all stakeholders. COP27 was a first validation for our technology and today we are more committed than ever to provide the most trusted plug-and-play infrastructure for carbon offset” said Jamil Benabdallah, The Zero Fund founder.

The Zero Fund offers the underlying infrastructure that connects carbon credit buyers, brokers, carbon exchanges, investors, project developers and third-party auditors, offering full traceability to high-quality carbon credits on a highly secure blockchain platform. With a special focus on the local ecopreneurs’ needs to make nature protection financially rewarding, as well as on the organizations’ needs to achieve ESG and sustainability goals, The Zero Fund provides management and financial services for accurate, actionable data to enable transparent and verifiable high-quality carbon credit trading.